Simple Agreements to make life run smoothly (well, these will help)

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Agree to agree

The purpose of life/this event is to enjoy it!

You are here for you – take care of yourself

Confidentiality – what’s shared is confidential, no gossip

Speak in the first person….I… not we, us, you etc

Come from ‘what you are feeling and what you are wanting

Invite for anything you want to share, insights etc

Do not offer advice, teach, fix or rescue someone

Give your spontaneous, positive response

Resolve conflicts quickly and directly

Notification and time boundaries

Commitment and closure

Health and Safety – Hand washing is essential
Be aware of cross contamination
Long hair must be tied back
Knives are very sharp
Some things are hot

Author: Sue

I remember as a very small child, maybe 5 or 6 years old, my mother giving me some seeds to plant in a small area of ground in our garden. I was so excited….I could not believe that anything would grow from these tiny seeds, I could barely see. I planted my seeds, marveling at how tiny they were…..I tended them with water and loving care…..and sure enough I grew a patch of purple and white daisies and some radishes! That experience touched a part of me then that is very strong in me now….the complete awe that something beautiful and something that can be eaten and will nourish us, can be grown from such a teeny, tiny seed. I dabbled with gardening from then on for many years, watching my Mum grow her vegetables and growing radishes and other simple things. Then along came my children and in turn I gardened with them, giving them their own little plots in our garden.

When I moved to the house I still live in, about 10 years ago, I discovered, over by the fields, a disused allotment. It was fenced and incredibly overgrown, but with attention, action and time, my husband and I transformed it into a wonderful kitchen garden. We, me, my husband and four children erected a polytunnel (that was a fun experience in itself!), made large raised beds, shingle paths, compost bins, planted fruit trees and procured a shed. This space is now, for me, a complete sanctuary where I grow all manner of fruit and vegetables. I nurture and tend them well from the teeny tiny seed to the fully productive plant and they repay me with their luscious, delicious, nutritious offerings. It thrills me that I can produce the most wonderfully, delicious food from just a tiny seed and that my produce is used in Heart Kitchen….I put so much love into those fruit and veg it seems only fitting that the process continues ☺

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  1. Dilia Sister says:

    Great reminders! thank you:)