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Did you know…….

There are more than 600 pasta shapes produced worldwide.

Your cooking water should be rapidly bubbling, heavily salted – a bit like drinking from the ocean – this is what gives pasta flavour

Love is everything

Eat immediately with joy, gusto and noise, no manners needed

Pasta does not originate from Italy.  Etruscans cave drawings were found dating back to 400BC showing the process of pasta being made

The Chinese are on record as having eaten pasta as early as 5000BC

Firstly, it has been shared that a true Italian man would kill for less, steal a man’s pasta and you dance with your life.  Imagine a first date, you cheekily, without invitation stick your fork in eagerly to try a mouthful of this delight.  Well it may very well be your first and last date with this man.

Three simple, staple, store cupboard ingredients

Always cook pasta with the lid off the pan

Pasta meaning paste

Always put the pasta into the sauce, never the sauce into the pasta, then they will come together as one

Wood is important – tables and rolling pins

In the thirteenth century the Pope set quality standards for pasta

October is national pasta month

Cooked al dente (al-Den-tay) literally means to the tooth, which really means offering some resistance to the tooth but tender to the bite

Most pasta is made using wheat products.  Other types of pasta are made using ingredients such as rice, barley, corn and beans

To cook 1 billion pounds in weight of pasta you would need 2,021,452,000 gallons of water




Author: Simon

My early memories of food stem from visits to my Grampy's allotment, six years old, digging, weeding and planting these tiny seeds and tender plants...Wow what an intro…taking this bounty back to Gran, who would make the most delicious meals for us to share…..most of the stuff I had no idea what it was called……but it smelt and tasted delicious….so the journey began… by aged eight, anything I could get my hands on….trained at catering college, a complete waste of time as I already knew all these techniques. Then came girls, a change of career, my wife and children….but I still cooked, learning, watching, practicing my hobby…..never really following a recipe!!! just trusting my hands …. the feel, the aromas, the look and, of course, the taste….re-trained at the tender age of 49 as a Heart IQ Coach…and this is it! Bosh!….got passionate about my passion in life, totally off the richter scale…..inspired by food….all of it….so, 2013 Heart Kitchen is born to share with the world …….sourcing, honouring, preparing, sharing and connecting …..I love it!!!! - Simon