What are Heart Events?

Heart Kitchen is not like any other cooking experience, there is a reason we call it the curious kitchen.  Food is essential to life, everyone needs to cook to nourish and nurture themselves to live a healthy life and what we put into our bodies matters. Some of us don’t know where to begin with cooking, some may be bored by preparing and eating the same thing, some are conditioned by past experience and some may know instinctively there’s a different way and need a nudge in the right direction.

The Curious Kitchen

At HK our experiences are designed for all.  Everyone is welcome in our cookery classes whether a passionate foodie or a person challenged by food.  Come and discover a totally revolutionary approach to food in one of our all day food and cooking events. Experience how your attitude, feelings and beliefs around food and cooking can change.  Broaden your perspective and push the boundaries life has conditioned you with, you may be surprised!

Get Involved!

At HK you can expect to be totally involved in the day.  This is not a day for watching it’s a day for jumping in with both feet, all your heart and experiencing what happens.  It’s full on, engaging, informative and above all fun!

During the day as well as creating mouthwatering dishes, we will be exploring how we connect with each other through food. Cooking together is one of life’s pleasures and eating together is a social experience that keeps us human – a day in the curious kitchen will help rekindle that joy!

Let’s Forage

Together we forage seasonal produce in the beautiful surrounding countryside, searching for ingredients that are freely available in our woodlands and hedgerows; we will harvest from the Heart Kitchen garden and orchard and everything else we source locally, so we know where it comes from, its journey (seed to plate) and the energy it has ingested.

All participants take part in sourcing, preparing and cooking a wonderful 3 course meal to share together at the end of the day.  We have lots of fun, laughter and the odd challenge for the more competitive.  We offer the opportunity to explore working as a team in our bread, cake baking or pasta challenges.

Good food is essential for a healthy and vibrant life and the curious kitchen is a truly safe place to explore all of your senses, the emotion and energy we use and rediscover your passion around food.

We will bring life, love and food together ….it’ll be a day to remember!