Corporate Events in Buckinghamshire

Corporate Team Building Through Food Experience

At Heart Kitchen, we are passionate about local, fresh, seasonal food, where it comes from, how it lived or grew, preparing it and eating it. We believe that there is no better way to inspire, create and have fun than cooking together; it is a great way to forge and build relationships.

Our corporate event planning is detailed and thorough as it ensures that no details are missed and your time spent at the curious kitchen is enjoyable, 100% productive and value for money. We strive to deliver the best possible experience for you and your team. Find out more about corporate events in Buckinghamshire.

Heart Kitchen Nestled in 100 Acres of Ancient Woodland

The Curious Kitchen is situated in the glorious countryside of Holmer Green in Buckinghamshire, just 40 minutes from Central London. Most of our cooking experiences take place in our outdoor kitchen, culminating in a dining experience in our beautiful Mongolian yurt, sharing the food we have spent the day preparing. Our events are tailor-made to the client and are designed around a hands-on approach, with the emphasis on working together as a team, sharing knowledge, ideas and being curious together.  Participants will be encouraged to face challenges in a revolutionary way and experience how attitude, feelings and believes around food (and therefore life) and cooking can change, thus broadening their perspective and pushing the boundaries life has conditioned them with.  Our mission is to awaken the senses in an embodied and empowering experience.

Example Itinerary

The day will begin with coffee and refreshments and a general introduction and check-in for the day, followed by foraging around the Curious Kitchen’s woods and fields for any free wild food and a visit to the Kitchen Garden to pick some salad, herbs and vegetables. Finally we will reconvene  in the Curious Kitchen to create some amazing dishes. Our experienced staff will guide participants through everything from making bread and fresh pasta to baking a cake for tea as well as preparing a three-course dinner, with individual and group challenges throughout, whilst always encouraging, tasting and experimenting with the array of fresh seasonal ingredients we always have on offer.

Nothing is prepared in advance in order that the pleasure of creation is fully experienced. All levels of culinary skills are catered for; and the Heart Kitchen staff will help to ensure that each participant gets the best possible experience of the day, whilst creating a completely safe environment to experiment, expand and have fun!

We will continue to cook, stir, bake, smell, taste and whisk with a few stops for tea and cake, and challenges, until we are ready to serve up. We will then adjourn to the candlelit yurt situated on the edge of the wood where everybody’s efforts will be rewarded with a glass of chilled wine and the delicious sit-down meal that we have all prepared together. This is a wonderful opportunity to relax, unwind and share stories and experiences of the day.

Every Event Tailored to Your Needs

At the Curious Kitchen we can tailor an event to your specific needs; our experts will guide you through menus, timings, challenges and can advise you on all aspects of the experience, whether you are organising a team building day for your own employees or a fun day out entertaining valued clients.


To book an event at Heart’s Curious Kitchen or to discuss your personalised day please call Simon, Sue or Celia on 07980687527 or email We are very happy to arrange a meeting should you wish to visit Heart Kitchen and get a clearer feel for what we do.

Cooking Preparing Sourcing Energy Health Passion Provenance 90%
Sharing Connecting Exploring Growing Tending Choice 80%
Opening Communicating Community Building Smart Listening 80%
Stillness Clarity Loving Action Vision Following Insights Lifestyle 100%
Awareness Boundaries Feeling Joy Heart Abundance Memory Love 95%